Activity: Watch A Show About Wolves

If you have Comcast, there is a great movie and an interesting documentary coming on soon.

  • Prehistoric Predators: Wolf is a documentary on NatGeo Wild that airs several times in the coming weeks. From the description: “Examining the extinction of the dire wolf, the largest wolf known to ever exist, and why its smaller, weaker relative, the gray wolf, survived.”
  • Never Cry Wolf is an amazing film that I remember watching when I was younger. I would have been around 9 to be precise, which seems far too young to be watching this movie in the theater, but it was a different time back then. “The wolves of the Arctic Circle and its environs, the stunning beauty of a Northern winter, a biologist who braves it all to record the lives of the wolves, and Inuits who save the biologist’s hide and share their own wisdom openly are all winners in this film that is a tribute to the skills of writer and director Carroll Ballard (The Black Stallion).”
  • And on any given weekday you could be watching Wild Kratts, an animated adventure show from the Kratt brothers that brought us Zoboomafoo. Wild Kratts is about the two brothers’ adventures trying to save various animals around the world from a host of bizarre villains. They do an amazing job of presenting advanced ideas on animals, nature, and ecology in a way that keeps kids engaged.

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