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July 2012

Activity: Watch A Show About Wolves

If you have Comcast, there is a great movie and an interesting documentary coming on soon. Prehistoric Predators: Wolf is a documentary on NatGeo Wild that airs several times in the coming weeks. From the description: “Examining the extinction of the dire wolf, the largest wolf known to ever exist, …

Fun With Search Engines: Google vs. Bing

So this site has been up for just over a week or two, and already we’re seeing some great results in searches for the phrase “save americas wolves”. Take a quick look at this screenshot of the Google results: You may need to enlarge it to see, but our young …

Wolf and Grizzly Bear Cubs Fight

We found this interesting video on the USGS Multimedia Gallery, and it has been released into the public domain. More info about this particular video and how it was captured can be found here. For now, enjoy!