What’s All This Then?

Actually, this is in Scotland.

Rights reserved, Robert Dewar.

Hi! This is just a quick post to tell you what this is all about, while we work on getting the site up and running.

A few days ago my 6-but-almost-7 year-old son checked out from the library, amongst other books, a book on wolves. It was a great book (we’ll feature a review of it here shortly, no doubt), and it got him fired up about saving them. He wanted to register the domain “savethewolves” or something but it was already taken. It redirected to Defenders of Wildlife, and we both though that was pretty cool and left it at that.

Well yesterday he had a new name: “save America’s wolves”. I was doubtful: could this name possibly not be taken already? I tried it out anyway and, as you are no doubt aware since you’re reading this post, it was not registered.

I snapped it up for a few bucks, transferred the hosting over to my existing account, and here we are today. After a couple hours of finding some Creative Commons-licensed wolf photos so I could get something up on the site, we are alive!

So stay tuned, because we have a lot of work to do, and as I mentioned my son is only 6. So that means I have a lot of work to do, and I pretty much already have a lot of work to do in my day-to-day life. We’ll feature photos, drawings, books, movies, and weekly activities, which all sounds so ambitious right now that it is frankly making me tired.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for being interested in saving the wolves!

— Pops

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